SEA Gas values public safety, please contact SEA Gas prior to undertaking any work on the easement which exceeds a depth of 300 mm or if you observe any unusual activities on the pipeline easement or at facilities. Interference or damage to the pipeline could put your safety, the safety of others and community services at risk.

Please use our toll-free number 1800 808 008 to report any observations.


Marker Posts

Pipeline marker posts serve to indicate that there is a buried high-pressure pipeline nearby. Use our free on-site locations service to confirm the precise location of the pipeline before commencing any works near the pipeline easement.

Pipeline Easements

The pipeline easement is the area within which the pipeline is located. Pipeline easements can be as much as 25 metres wide. However, in order to minimise impacts on landholders and the environment, SEA Gas has, wherever possible, minimised the width of the easement in which we operate. The prime focus is to safeguard the pipeline from interference, thereby providing a safe operating environment.

Severe penalties can be imposed upon persons who endanger the safe operation of the pipeline and the lives of others, by interfering with or damaging the pipeline or facilities.

Pipeline Patrols

SEA Gas operates regular ground and aerial pipeline patrols to ensure that no unauthorised activities affect the continued safe operation of the pipeline.

Pipeline Awareness Sessions

SEA Gas conducts free safety information Pipeline Awareness Sessions in both South Australia and Victoria, to Councils, Shires, utilities, and earthmoving contractors. These short awareness sessions of approximately 45 minutes in duration can be delivered to coincide with the company’s tool box or safety meetings. For further information, please contact our Operations Support Coordinator.

SEA Gas Pipeline Safety Brochure

Download our Pipeline Safety brochure (600KB .pdf)


SEA Gas Pipeline Safety Video

SEA Gas has developed HSE videos which you can download. Please contact us if you would like the DVD sent to you in hard format.


It is for your own safety and in your company’s interests to obtain a confirmation of pipeline locations when planing to excavate on or near the SEA Gas easement. The following points act as a guideline only and there must be consultation with SEA Gas before undertaking any earthworks on or near the pipeline easement that may impact on our asset or your safety, or the safety of others.

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