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SEA Gas Pipeline System

The SEA Gas Pipeline is a high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline system that transports natural gas from Port Campbell to various offtakes and interconnected pipeline systems in South Australia and Victoria.  It incorporates a number of laterals owned and operated by SEA Gas together with associated facilities such as connection point infrastructure and all equipment required to operate the pipeline system.

SEA Gas provides pipeline services with market reflective pricing to deliver shippers’ gas, which may be sourced from multiple points, to the required destination.

Service Listing

PipelineServiceDescriptionPriorityLimitationsStandard OfferTarriff* ($/GJ/day)
PCAFirm Forward HaulFirm haulage in an East – West directionHighest priorityCapacity dependent upon actual pipeline conditions including free flow capacity, compressor availability and maintenance operations.10 TJ for 5 years$0.88
Back Haul SwapAs available swap in a West – East directionThis is the only service available in a West – East directionSubject to East – West flows against which to offset/swap, also subject to priority in favour of firm shippersN/A$0.52

Details of these services can be found here.

*Headline tariffs are subject to published Standard Terms & Conditions for the relevant services and subject to available capacity. Details of each of these services, including relevant terms and conditions are provided in the documents in the table above.

Non-standard transportation services or alternative terms may be available by negotiation.

SEA Gas encourages potential customers to contact our Head of Commercial on 08 8236 6800 to discuss their service requirements.

SEA Gas’ approach to its pricing can be found here.

For further information on accessing services on any of our pipelines, please read our User Access Guide.