Completed in early 2004, the SEA Gas pipeline system energy infrastructure corridor stretches from South West Victoria to Adelaide along a route roughly defined by Port Campbell, Hamilton, Casterton, Naracoorte, Keith, Coonalpyn, Tailem Bend, Gawler and Pelican Point.

In addition to transportation to the Adelaide and Victorian pipeline system, SEA Gas currently transports gas to three regional delivery points; Teys Bros at Naracoorte, Beston Pure Dairies at Jervois and the South East South Australia (SESA) pipeline.

SEA Gas welcomes opportunities to talk with prospective customers about regional development. Any enquiries regarding pipeline access should be addressed to the Head of Commercial.

From time to time regional development opportunities are promoted by various government agencies.

For information on local government areas in Victoria visit

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The ACCC has also produced a guide entitled “Regional Development of Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines, October 2002” that may provide useful background reading. It can be obtained from the AER website –