Dergholm – Western Victoria

Summary of Site Rehabilitation Plan

  • Revegetation and protection of a 1.4 hectare riparian zone within the Salt Creek tributary has been initiated by SEA Gas in consultation with the landholder and the Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority.
  • Revegetation of this site included planting of a range of species during 2007, predominantly sourced from indigenous seed stock harvested from the site and nearby surrounding areas.


Palmer – South Australia

Summary of Site Rehabilitation Plan

  • During March 2006 a section of easement 30m x 300m was temporarily fenced off in consultation with the landholder to exclude stock, prior to repairing the erosion at the base of the soak, within the creek line.


Pooginagoric – South Australia

Sustainable Environmental Benefit (SEB) offset in consultation with the Native Vegetation Council (SA) and DEH Threatened Species Officer (SE)

Located near the township of Bordertown in the upper southeast of South Australia, the Pooginagoric project was to revegetate 3.75 hectares of previously cleared road reserve along the Pooginagoric-Tea Trick summer track, which featured a corridor of remnant threatened woodland species.

The road reserve between Pooginagoric and Tea Trick supports the remaining Buloke (Allocasuarina luehmannii) Woodland species within South Australia, an endangered plant community at both the State and National level. Around 1.5km of cleared road reserve separated the vegetated roadside from a significant remnant woodland of Buloke and Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa) and Inland Blue Gum (Eucalytpus leucoxylon ssp.pruinosa) at Tea Trick Reserve (owned by Tatiara District Council).

In restoring the linear corridor of threatened woodland vegetation and re-establishing the connectivity between these important habitat areas, a continuous link has been created between Pooginagoric and Wolseley Common Conservation Parks. This linking of significant remnant vegetation serves to increase available habitat for fauna, particularly woodland birds. In addition, Buloke is an important feeding habitat for the endangered Red-tailed Black-cockatoo. Restoration of Buloke feeding habitat is seen as an important action for the recovery of this threatened species.


Fingerpost Road – Corndale, Victoria

Summary of Site Rehabilitation Plan

A section of creekline embankment has been subject to erosion due to stock grazing. The SEA Gas pipeline was directionally drilled beneath the creek during construction but continued erosion may reduce the amount of protective cover over the pipeline. In order to prevent further scouring and potentially reduced cover over the pipeline, a staged stabilisation program involving revegetation was undertaken by SEA Gas during 2009. In consultation with the landholder and the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority, SEA Gas agreed to sponsor additional supplemental revegetation of the creekline, inclusive of fencing to exclude stock.