SEA Gas is committed to and will manage its business in a manner to ensure ecological and environmental sustainability consistent with stated environmental objectives and the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association’s (APGA) Environmental Code of Practice.

SEA Gas is committed to achieving environmental excellence through the:
  • Promotion of environmental responsibility and awareness amongst its workforce, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Development and implementation of a rigorous Land and Environment Management Plan that will address, as a minimum:
    • cultural heritage
    • ecologically-sustainable development
    • emissions to air, ground and water
    • environmental training/awareness
    • flora and fauna
    • noise management
    • soil management and erosion
    • vegetation management
    • weed management
  • Elimination or effective management of hazards and practices that could result in environmental harm.
SEA Gas will demonstrate this commitment by:
  • Developing clear lines of environmental responsibilities and authorities for managing the environment.
  • Raising environmental awareness to develop a culture that empowers people to carry out their environmental responsibilities effectively.
  • Providing adequate training and resources to efficiently and effectively perform their duties in accordance with good environmental practice.
  • Monitoring the environmental management processes to ensure compliance with legal and statutory obligations, codes of practice and industry standards.
  • Implementing and maintaining an effective environmental management system including systematic identification of environmental risk, management of that risk, and continuous improvement in performance through sound environmental practices.
  • Conducting qualitative reviews of organisational performance against predetermined performance indicators.