SEA Gas Pipeline System

The SEA Gas Pipeline is a high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline system that transports natural gas from Port Campbell to various offtakes and interconnected pipeline systems in South Australia and Victoria.  It incorporates a number of laterals owned and operated by SEA Gas together with associated facilities such as connection point infrastructure and all equipment required to operate the pipeline system.

SEA Gas provides Capacity Trading and Day Ahead Auction services for the PCA and PCI pipelines.

NGR Part 24 – Standard OTSA
PipelineCurrent Standard OfferPrevious OfferLast Updated
PCAPCA Form of AgreementCleanMarked Up19/06/2024
PCA Facility Specific TermsCleanMarked Up19/06/2024
PCIPCI Form of AgreementCleanMarked Up19/06/2024
PCI Facility Specific TermsCleanMarked Up19/06/2024
NGR Part 24 – Schedule of Charges
ChargeCharge Rate ($2022)Charge Rate Determination
Standarisation Cost Charge$5,204.1687 per monthThe Standardisation Cost Charge has been determined based on recovery of forecast standardisation costs, less assumed net auction proceeds via a fixed monthly charge under each OTSA. The Standardisation Cost Charge allows for the recovery of up-front costs, including IT system changes, over a term of 3 years (the standard OTSA term set out in the OTSC). SEA Gas will periodically review the Standardisation Cost Charge as circumstances change to ensure compliance with the NGR.
Further detail on the determination of the Standardisation Cost Charge can be found in the attached document and spreadsheet.
Bilateral Trade Charge$382 per tradeN/A
Clause 14 Trade Charge$382 per tradeN/A

Last Updated: 10 August 2022