Uncontracted Capacity Outlook

May 202418800
June 202418800
July 202418800
August 202418800
September 202418800
October 202418800
November 202418800
December 202418800
January 202518900
February 202518900
March 202518900
April 202518900
May 202518900
June 202518900
July 202518900
August 202518900
September 202518900
October 202518900
November 202518900
December 202518900
January 202618900
February 202618900
March 202618900
April 202621900
May 202621900
June 202621900
July 202621900
August 202621900
September 202621900
October 202621900
November 202621900
December 202621900
January 202621900
February 202621900
March 202621900
April 202621900
May 202621900

In the case of the PCA pipeline, capacity stated is Firm Forward Haul Equivalent, some of which may be available as Standard or Premium storage equivalent.


MonthPipelineFacilityActivityPeriodAdjusted Capacity
May 2024PCA
June 2024PCA
July 2024PCA
August 2024PCA
September 2024PCACoomandook CompressorAnnual Maintenance9-11 Sept225 TJ
September 2024PCAMiakite CompressorAnnual Maintenance16-18 Sept225 TJ
October 2024PCA
November 2024PCA
December 2024PCA
January 2025PCA
February 2025PCA
March 2025PCA
April 2025PCA
May 2025PCA
May 2024PCI
June 2024PCI
July 2024PCI
August 2024PCI
September 2024PCI
October 2024PCI
November 2024PCI
December 2024PCI
January 2025PCI
February 2025PCI
March 2025PCI
April 2025PCI
May 2025PCI
May 2024MORT
June 2024MORT
July 2024MORT
August 2024MORT
September 2024MORT
October 2024MORT
November 2024MORT
December 2024MORT
January 2025MORT
February 2025MORT
March 2025MORT
April 2025MORT
May 2025MORT

Last Updated: 10 May 2024

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